Our Impact

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Your donations and social investments (below-market rate CDs) go a long way in our community! Opportunities Inc. develops funding sources so Opportunities Credit Union can provide affordable loans to Vermonters. From minority-owned business loans to assistive device loans, we make our communities stronger.

Opportunities Credit Union creates wealth and promotes economic development by bringing affordable capital and financial services to low-income and other traditionally underserved populations. Our impact this year, as of July 31, shows how well we have been achieving this mission.

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Mortgage Loans Issued in 2021:

19 out of 68

Were to immigrants.

13 out of 68

Were to first time home-buyers.

25 out of 68

Were to minority borrowers.

55 out of 68

Were to low-income Vermonters.

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Consumer Loans closed in 2021:

24 out of 246

Were to disabled Vermonters, including 5 modified vehicle loans.

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Small Business Loans closed in 2021:

17 out of 128

Went to immigrants.

43 out of 128

Went to women-owned businesses.


Jobs were retained.


Start-ups were funded.

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OCU is also proud that its staff and governing board reflects our membership:


of board members are African American.


of board members are women.


of board members are Asian American.


of board members were not born in the U.S.


of our staff are also immigrants.